Why did we start Spartan Tuition?

Hi, we're Adrian and Suhel, we started Spartan Tuition in early 2018. Going through VCE we found something was missing... 

We were taught by good tutors but wanted someone more than just a tutor.


Our journey so far has helped us understand the power of mentorship. A mentor can guide you through your journey in formal schooling and life. They focus on really knowing who you are, what you want and can guide you to achieve it.


A mentor doesn't just give you the answers, they help you develop skills that help you get to the answers in all areas of life. 


We want to help students learn how to think, not what to think.

Our Mission

To help your child realise their highest potential by unifying their MIND, BODY and SPIRIT

How do we achieve this?

We provide a comprehensive education that focuses on unifying their MIND, BODY and SPIRIT to realise their highest potential

  • In mind, we focus on helping them create systems and develop skills to manage their school curriculum and beyond. 

  • In body, we focus on how you can get the most out of your whole physical self. Staying healthy to achieve academic and life goals.

  • In spirit, we focus on building character, integrity and confidence from within.

We focus on developing strong mentor - student relationships through understanding what the student needs to excel

  • We tailor programs to the individual since everyone learns at a different pace. 

Our integrated approach focuses on developing systems and habits to help your child WORK SMARTER not just HARDER.

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