Is your child unable to fully engage in traditional schooling?

Is traditional schooling not the right fit for them?

Do your work commitments keep you from being fully engaged in you home-schooling your child?

You know they'd excel if someone took the time to get to know and work with them.

Here's Finn's story

Finn started with us in early 2019. She went to a prestigious private school but wasn't able to engage with her studies. Traditional schooling negatively impacted her mental and emotional wellbeing as it didn't properly cater to her ADHD.


Home-schooling was a blessing for her! Her parents are an amazing source of support for Finn but modern life doesn't allow them to be as hands on as they would like. She needed someone to support her through her home-schooling journey.

A Spartan mentor began working with Finn to understand who she was and how best we could support her. They worked with Finn's support team to understand how best she learnt and how sessions should be structured to maximise learning and minimise fatigue. They learnt what subjects she enjoyed and which were mentally demanding and structured sessions accordingly.

Our mentor was also flexible, ADHD has multiple effects 

They understood Finn engages best with hands on learning and videos. 

Finn is very bright, her reasoning and logical skills are well beyond her physical age. Our mentor has not met many individuals (even adults!) who could hold a conversation on ethics or philosophy. But, like a lot of high achievers she put a lot of pressure on herself and expects that she know everything. Our mentor helped her understand its ok to not have all the answers,


When we started Finn disliked writing. We developed a structured approach focused on helping her understand why both these skills are important. We aligned these skills with her goal of becoming an architect. We then deconstructed what a 'standard' essay is, its parts and how they come together. We then slowly but steadily began writing essays on topics she was interested in. She has come so far during our sessions; she has written multiple essays and writes notes during sessions!

A Spartan mentor worked with Ryan to understand what was holding him back. It was primarily managing stress; like most high achievers Ryan is hard on himself and demands nothing but excellence. This drive to excel and placing pressure on oneself to excel is common amongst high achievers; but it has unintended consequences. 

Rather than helping him focus, this pressure gave him tunnel vision, robbing him of his abilities. We worked with Ryan to help him manage his anxiety and the pressure he placed on himself. We taught him mindfulness, deep breathing and reminded him to keep things simple.

He has the academic aptitude we just sharpened it. We taught him how to be more efficient in his working out, taught him techniques to minimise mistakes and get the answers right almost every time. 

As a testament to his hard work, Ryan excelled in his exams and went on to receive an Academic Award this year. He will be doing Year 11 Maths Methods in 2020, we look forward to supporting him. 

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