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Do they find school challenging?

Do they find it hard to understand concepts?

Do they ask their teachers for help, but they're too busy to give them the extra time and attention they need?

You know if they just received that extra time, attention and support, school would be so much easier for them!

Giana's story

Giana started with us in early 2019. She was in year 11 and needed help with Biology and Chemistry. She was failing her tests and SACs. Her teachers weren't able to support her in a way that worked for her. 

A Spartan mentor started by understanding how Giana was learning, what she needed and how we could support her. They learnt she was struggling to understand concepts and like most students she hadn't really been taught how to strategically manage her studies.

Our mentor took their time to walk Giana through each concept. They broke each one down into bite sized pieces and helped her connect the dots. Once she did, her learning was tested and any gaps in her understanding were filled.

Through Giana's sessions she learnt how to use several study techniques such as mind-maps and spaced repetition. She then learnt to write quality notes that helped her study more efficiently.

Together we developed a study schedule that implemented all the approaches mentioned above and more. Progress was slow at first, but Giana persevered and trusted the process. She started passing her SACs, then after a few months she started scoring in the 70s, then 80s and for her final SACs she achieved in the 90s!

Giana went from wanting to drop these subjects to taking both subjects in Year 12! We look forward to continue supporting her through her journey.

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