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Ryan's story

Ryan started with us in early 2019. He was in year 9 and was doing Year 10 Maths. Being in the select group of accelerated students he was clearly capable. But something wasn't right...he wasn't getting the grades he used to.

A Spartan mentor worked with Ryan to understand what was holding him back. It was primarily stress management. Like most high achievers Ryan is hard on himself and demands nothing but excellence. This drive to excel and placing pressure on oneself to excel is common amongst high achievers; but it has unintended consequences. 

Rather than helping him focus, this pressure gave him tunnel vision, robbing him of his abilities. We worked with Ryan to help him manage his anxiety and the pressure he placed on himself. He learnt about mindfulness, deep breathing and focused on keeping things simple.

He has the academic aptitude we just sharpened it. We taught him how to be more efficient in his working out, taught him techniques to minimise mistakes and get the answers right almost every time. 

Because of his hard work, Ryan excelled in his exams and went on to receive an Academic Award this year. He will be doing Year 11 Maths Methods in 2020, we look forward to supporting him. 

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